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You will experience how to abandon your persistence at the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy.

A big question, which Homoeopathy asks you, is ‘Being natural’. It is a homoeopath, who helps lives to return to their original nature, I think it is necessary for us to work on returning ourselves to nature through learning homoeopathy. To look at nature’s goodwill without being caught by your own judgment. Not to disparage yourself meaninglessly. To know your weak points and bad habits. To look at yourself and have a courage to correct.
A vocation is done not because of making money, not because of your desire, but is done because you cannot stop doing that job.
We can grow every day through living a life. What we do is to find a vocation, which we need for living, and make efforts day by day. We work thorough our whole life.

Learning homoeopathy means knowing yourself

‘There is one, who is hurt by somebody’s words.’
‘There is one, who blames her/himself.’
We find there are many conflicts and persistence inside ourselves.
When we are aware of those, we can finally get over those.
‘Why did he leave me?’
Ignatia is said as a remedy for broken heart, but what Ignatia really means is to accept the reality, which we cannot get everything in our life and grow up.
Homoeopathy is to help sufferings and support to abandon your persistence.
To review ourselves. To learn a lifestyle, which does not have persistance.
That is what to learn homoeopathy.

About RAH

I wish homoeopathy to spread in Japan and
everyone can receive the blessings of homoeopathy.
What Torako Yui started at first was an education of homoeopathy.
Introducing homoeopathic remedy kits to the general public and they take responsible for their own health. In other word, to believe ourselves.
This is the very thing to lead a real cure with using our own self-healing power at most.
A start for Torako Yui to establish the RAH was an encouraging word of Robert Davidson.
‘Torako, I know you are having a hard time to learn homoeopathy as there is a language barrier, but I feel you have a mission of spreading homoeopathy to Japan…’
‘I would like people to learn homoeopathy in Japanese language, to become homoeopaths and to use this safe homoeopathic treatment as many as possible.’
She decided at that time.
This is the beginning of the RAH. The wish has not been changed now.

The reason of need for nowadays’homoeopaths

95% of Japanese are vaccinated and 80% of oral influenza vaccine
in the world is bought by Japanese.
People can buy Cortisone without a medical prescription.
Japan is a country of iatrogenic disease.
By suppressing symptoms, self healing power has weakened causing allergy and auto immune disease.
Fever, rash or diarrhoea are ways to clean inner body.
The nature does not harm you.
The God is in us. That is, in other words, self healing power.
The God was suppressed and we lost way to return to our origin.
This is why homoeopaths who can cure iatrogenic disease
are needed now.
There are 3,000 homoeopaths in UK.
In India, there are 100,000 of them.
However, only 320 homoeopaths are in Japan.
This is why homoeopaths are needed.

What is work of homoeopath?

We do not live on our own but with other things.
However, when one suffer mentally or physically and need to free from other things,
a homoeopath will give him/her suffering of the same kind as he/she already has.
Homoeopaths hope patients to realize that they are suffering by themselves.
Aconite, Conium, Scorpio, Arsenicum, Luna…
The nature essence (remedy) has all sorts of pain and agony and also the power
to cure them.
People should be natural as they are a part of nature.
Prescribing necessary remedy and let original life going.
This is work of homoeopath.

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