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Born in Ehime prefecture, Japan in 1953. The top expert in alternative medicine and homoeopathy in Japan. The Doctor in Swiss IMU Homoeopathy. The President of the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA). The registered homoeopath and the honorary fellow of the Homoeopathic Medical Association (HMA). The Member of the Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths (ARH) . The Principal of the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH).

Homoeopathy approaches your heart,
body and soul.

If you develop symptom(s), drug is not your first option. Try homoeopathy at home. By taking remedy which has similar pattern as disease, your self healing power will be stimulated and help you regain health. Remedies are made of everything in the universe like plants, animals, mineral and even light of sun and moon. These substances are diluted astronomically by “law of the minimum” so as not to produce side effect and to use safely even for pregnant women and children. The Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH) has a preparatory beginners course to allow students to practice homoeopathy remedy kit. This stance originated in the self-protection of body and soul. If it does not work, you can consult a homoeopath then. The main course of RAH is professional homoeopath course which aim to train professional homoeopaths. A patient will be prescribed similimum remedy to him/her by a homoeopath after going through homoeopathic interview. Homoeopaths will look into all aspects of patients including his/her miasm (soil of disease), vaccination, iatrogenic disease, unsolved trauma, inner-child, spiritual soul, heart and body and decide remedy which will match with complicated environment of nowadays. Then homoeopath will help him/her find him/her vital force to be able to live real him/her. The task of homoeopathy is enable people to stand on one’s feet.

Lean to live true life
To become a professional homoeopath, you yourself have to be healed. You have to try returning to original you through learning homoeopathy. You will need appropriate training and courage to go through it. Taking up homoeopathy is a start of conflict with false you. You will not be moved by anything which does not exist in you. Confusion is chance to realize, know and see yourself. It will be tough to realize and admit your conscious but that will lead you to real and natural you. Ones you hated and your troubles will turn out to be your guide. Without going through this agony, it will be difficult to become a homoeopath.

Bringing blessings of Homoeopathy to Japan
My mission of spreading homoeopathy in Japan started with four doses of remedy. As I was brought up in poverty, I believed that nothing could be done without money. I was working very hard as a television news correspondent and journalist in the UK and witnessed tragic sites and disastrous situation everyday. I wanted to hug and cheer up people involved in them but the professional attitude prevented me of doing so and I was caught in a dilemma.

My mental conflict grew bigger and I had ulcerative colitis as a result. I could not accept it as I was a hard worker. I had no choice but to confront my health and found homoeopathy. I was recovered fully from disease within a month. Since I started to take remedy, I realized my motivation of perfection and strength came from the relation with my mother. I needed two full years of homoeopathic treatment to be free from habit caused by this circumstance. At last, I was able to accept the fact that I suffered my body and embrace myself. We cannot separate soul from body. Since then, I know I live fully with the mission of spreading homoeopathy in Japan.

Homoeopathy keeps up with the times
The lectures at RAH are based on the latest clinical data and aiming at developing homoeopaths who can actually lead patients to recovery. To undergo the newest lectures focusing on data, students are taught modern homoeopathy, iatrogenic diseases, environmental problems, miasm and pathology in depth. The lectures are always updated to match today. To those who want to become animal homoeopaths, the animal course is also available. RAH offers the world’s top class newest education and practices advanced homoeopathy taking various stances into account.
In Japan, the number of people suffering from mental disease are constantly increasing, as well as babies and children of weak constitution now. We can enlighten these suffering people by producing excellent homoeopaths through offering true education.

The most important thing for a practitioner is to know oneself.

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